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Cross Country Analytics

Xc analytics comes from a shared passion for cross-country flying
between Fred, Bruno and me. For years, we looked for a tool that could analyze
our flights, and help us progress. As it did not exist, we decided to create one!

The adventure starts in 2017. At the beginning, the idea is to develop an
android app available everywhere, all the time, for pilots of all levels who
would like to improve their skills. The pillars: igc track logs, the concrete
representations of our aerial escapades. Over the months, after having mixed,
kneaded, and triturated thousands of files in every concievable way, we managed
to extract their essence: a precise and quantified image of each flight,
described through the statistics and charts of xc analytics.

The idea then becomes reality. From explanations to definitions, each key
component is now described to help you understand its purpose, but also to
better understand how to use it in order to progress. Whether you are a beginner
in cross-country flying, or at the level of champions, if it is for paragliding,
hang gliding, or gliding, the progression involves the same factors. By
highlighting them, the avenues for improvement are revealed. It is basically a
unique perspective that you will be able to lay on your skills and performances!

As for us, we never tire of discussions with the pilots who helped us refine xc
analytics, and we thank them once again. I still remember the recent conf call
with Maxime and JC, who, thanks to the comparison interface, were able to
pinpoint their differences by debriefing their flying day together. And above
all, the new ways that they could contemplate to improve, to progress, on themes
they had not previously considered.

Of course, there is still much to be done, but we want to go even further. It is
now your interest in xc analytics, your feedback, and the resulting discussions
that will guide the app’s evolution. And we have a welcome gift for you: don’t
be surprised if you discover an egg on the home page, it is very likely to hatch
during your first analysis!

Martin, Fred and Bruno

If you go to the Android Play Store and type in "XC Analytics" it
will take you to the software where you can purchase it.

I haven't been able to have it find any IGC files yet. I've sent them a question
about what folder to place them in on the phone so that the program can see

It turns out if I put an IGC file on One Drive (for example) and then tap on it,
XC Analytics opens up and displays the file. I just have not been able to open
an IGC file from inside the program.

As soon as I put the IGC file on the phone in any folder, XC Analytics found it and opened it.
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