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Did you know that e-Glide contest is happening alongside
13.5 meter World Championships in Pavullo, Italy? e-Glide is very special.
It allows pilots to use their electric FES engine on task. It even gives them
free allowance. Each day pilots can use 2 kWh of energy on task without any
penalty. It is a game changing development under careful leadership of Brian
Spreckley where rules are being developed and modified while experience is

2 sett – Day 2. Task only for e-Glide

Today’s weather forecast announced thunderstorms and lightning around. However,
a task was given to both classes. In WGC 7 gliders out of 10 couldn’t find
thermal climb at he start due to weak conditions, so the daily race is not
valid, task cancelled. For e-Glide class the race is valid (not still done the
ranking at the moment because every day the scorer sends the files to LX-Nav and
they do the ranking but today they are busy in other things): they have the
opportunity to use their electric engine with allowance of 2 kWh!
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