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Christian Ciech Podcast

Episode 96 is live with Christian Ciech! Christian has been flying
Hang Gliders for over 30 years.

He remembers watching his dad fly when he was just four years old. He has an
arsenal of trophies that showcase his legendary competition skills, including 3
World Championship wins.

Christian became a test pilot and designer for Icaro in 1991, a position he
still holds. In this episode we discuss competition strategies and the art of
winning, how to read the sky and flying the conditions you find, how Manfred
Ruhmer has dominated the sport for so long, what to study when you’re not in the
air, finding order in the chaos, learning how to fly fast, the importance of
physical preparation to stay in the air, instinctive versus logical flying, how
certain very high level pilots should and shouldn’t change how you fly, the most
important lessons learned in three decades of flight, tumbling and recovering
the mind and a lot more. A fascinating talk with one of the pioneers.
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