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Updated Wills Wing T3 carbon composite parts

We continue to refine and update our new in-house composite parts
for the T3.

The carbon fiber over molded battens are now made with one ply of unidirectional
carbon fiber and one ply of 2×2 twill, woven carbon fiber. Although we were
quite pleased with the greatly improved stiffness-to-weight of the original
2-ply uni configuration, there were concerns with durability. Because all the
fibers were running longitudinally, should a crack occur, the fibers would
splinter off from the underlying batten. The woven outer ply on the newer
configuration should help prevent this, although sacrificing a small amount of
stiffness and adding a tiny bit more weight. The 2×2 twill pattern also improved
the cosmetic look of the battens.

The ACLER – Advanced Composite Leading Edge Reinforcements have also been
improved. We are now using one ply of lightweight Kevlar and one, smaller ply of
2×2 3K twill carbon fiber. Again the reason for this change is primarily
durability. The original design used a single ply of 1×1 6K carbon fiber. This
provided the correct stiffness while still allowing enough flexibility to
conform to the compound curve of the leading edge, but carbon fiber is
inherently brittle and prone to cracking. Kevlar, on the other hand, is much
more durable but not as stiff. Hence the need for one ply of each. By using a
bit less carbon then Kevlar, we are able to achieve an even better balance
between stiffness where you need it and flexibility where you need it.

These parts have been a fun a rewarding project, especially considering the
overwhelmingly positive feedback and success of the T3. They are in production
and available now, standard on the T3 Team edition and as upgrades on lower trim
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