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Reply to Tiki

James Bradley <<jb183>>

Tiki inadvertently makes a good case for voting YES on the
governance proposal.

The twice-a-year board meetings we have now cost USHPA a lot of money. Some of
these costs are direct, in actual expenses, and some are indirect, in staff time
to manage and Martin’s time to prepare presentations. With a smaller board
meeting monthly online, and Martin attending, the board will be steadily in the
loop on what’s happening. Martin has said privately that it will be really
helpful to have more than two weeks of his time freed up each year for other
work, which will happen when there is only one annual meeting that requires
formal presentations.

The governance proposal envisions that the one in-person meeting might be a
large gathering, with committee members, chapter reps and so on. But none of
these extras are required. All the bylaws say is that the board must meet in
person once a year. When funds are tight it can be just the ten board members. A
small-group meeting like that can be webcast inexpensively.

The savings against what we are spending now will be significant against the
current deficit.

Next, operating in the red knowingly for a couple of years doesn’t imply bad
management. USHPA does have a cash reserve. At the present rate we would run out
of money in 6 or 7 years. So while the spending vs revenue picture has to
change, of course, it shouldn’t change in a knee jerk panic. It should change as
part of a long term plan. This plan isn’t simple to create, especially since our
hang gliding membership is going to drop a lot more as older pilots age out,
even if we have some success at getting more young people to start.

The full board indeed needs to be involved in and responsible for this plan.
Meeting twice a year isn’t nearly enough to do it well.

A smaller board that will meet monthly is the point of the governance proposal.
It would be a mistake to decide your vote based on any of the sidebar issues,
which can, should and will continue to evolve. The changed structure will set
the organization up better to work on all of its issues going forward.
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