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USHPA Governance

I wrote to Steve Pearson:

It doesn’t matter how hard you work.

Or how good your ideas are.

If someone doesn’t get the appropriate committee to pass and then the BOD to
pass the specific proposals nothing will change.

I can write all I want, but it takes the next step.

Steve replied:

What you said is so true which is the principal reason that I
haven’t spoken sooner. This goes to the root of the problem at the USHPA – some
very capable people working hard but without the appropriate oversight and

This situation is self-correcting in business. It doesn’t matter how hard you
try or even if the rules are fair (e.g. currency fluctuations, China, etc.), you
eventually have to close the doors if you can’t pay the bills.

The manufacturers and flight schools who have survived the last 40-50 years have
generally identified and provided the products and services that are important
to their customers. The USHPA needs to do the same. They will have succeeded
when membership (the only product they sell) renews because of the value of the
services provided rather than the threat of disciplinary action.
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