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The Lack of Instructors

Daniel Guido <<flyboy5131>>

I think Steve Pearson nailed it. We have a lack of hang gliding
instructors and schools somewhat caused by our own policies. Over the years our
organization has made it difficult to become and maintain certification. I
remember when an examiner could hold certification clinics. Our club had several
basic and advanced instructors at all times. Most now are not willing to take
several weekends, travel and pay to help train at a school or just teach a

We need to enhance our administrative program with support from our
organization. If there are clubs that need help we should do everything
possible. The thought of taking away the observer program discussed last year is
an example what I mean. The though was observers are appointed and don’t have
any formal training. Well lets offer it with support form the org. Let’s make it
easy for schools and instructors to be insured by not over regulating ourselves.

Let’s open up club sites for tandems. As it is now if the site has our insurance
the tandem pilot must be affiliated with a certified school. The list of what we
can do goes on and on. We need to ask the schools and instructors what would
work best for them. As an instructor for many years I feel we have no say as to
what works best for us.
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