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Talk is Cheap

Steve Pearson has written some interesting articles lately about
the failure of the USHPA to stem the bleeding. He says that it has only one
product to sell, membership, and it doesn't have a program for product

Publicizing what Steve (and many others) believe should happen at the USHPA is
all fine and good but it doesn't mean that there will be actual change. For that
you need to get proposals championed by Regional Directors that meet in
committees and get the proposals passed by the committees and then by the BOD.
You can't just complain that the people in charge are not up to the task.

If you've got a specific proposal that you want implemented, write it up, pass
it around get feedback, refine it, get your Regional Directors (and more) on
board with it, make sure its on the committee's agenda for the next BOD. Yes,
it's all time consuming and not direct democracy, but it's the structure that we
are stuck with.
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