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Thermal and Valley Wind Maps of The Eastern Alps

The Valley Wind Map displays valley wind systems and their
directions of flow on normal/light-wind, thermal days. Depending on the time of
the day the winds in the Alps might swap around, these details are also
carefully shown. Most of the information was painstakingly collected by Werner
Luidot with the help of locals and after a protracted process was worked up and
published. There are clear areas and less defined zones, where changes may occur
throughout a given day. Some areas are more or less affected by large-scale
weather patterns or strong supra-regional met winds.

This map is intended to assist with getting a bigger picture, seeing
connections, recognizing sensitive areas and therefore to be able to understand
what is happening in the atmosphere and how to read the terrain. Steep slopes,
areas of convergence and lee areas are immediately identifiable. The QR codes at
the top will lead you to the most relevant in the Alps meteo websites.

The Thermal Map contains house thermals, optimal glide lines and potential
landing areas for a light wind, thermal day. Field landing sites are as useful
for hang gliders as sailplane pilots and all house thermals are useful for all
thermaling aircraft. They are primarily for flight planning in the eastern
Alps. The marked house thermals are those which have been identified in-flight.
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