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Explaining the USHPA governance proposal, part 7

James Bradley <<jb183>>

We don’t have a nominating committee in the new structure, because
it would be easy for it to appear biased or actually be biased. Instead, anyone
who is nominated by a member can run.

We also haven’t defined any qualifying criteria for running for the new board,
because many mixes of skills, talent and experience could make an excellent

What we have done that’s a change from past elections is to draft a structured
candidate questionnaire, designed to give our members some real perspective on
who a candidate is, why they’re qualified and why they want to do all this free
work. So members across the country can choose who to vote for in a meaningful
way. In order to make sure that all the members have good information on all the
candidates, no write in votes will be counted. We will all get to make an
informed choice from a national slate of candidates.

Someone could still get elected to the board primarily or entirely on regional
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