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Bluetooth for Boafeng

The main advantage of this system is that you don't need to worry
about the battery time of your new wireless radio headset. I have been testing
it for the whole season of 2018 and can say that one charge normally lasts for
2-3 big flights, which I found very handy.

This solution works with any Kenwood, Boafeng and Motorola Radio Units and
consists of three parts. First two parts are coming as a set for a price of
about 40-55 Euro.

The first one is a Bluetooth Unit which is essentially a transmitter that gets
connected to the radio. It has an internal battery with a seriously long stand
by time of about 100 hours and an impressive talking/receiving i.e. transmitting
time of 5-8 hours. The transmitter is quite miniature and has 35 x 23 x 14 mm
dimensions, which will not increase the volume of the radio too much.

The second part is a Bluetooth Push-to-talk portable button with a Velcro band.
It also has its own rechargeable battery and from my experience is practically
impossible to get flat for a very long time. It is staying in a very energy
efficient stand by mode all the time except the transmitting moments and doesn't
require to be charged more often than every 3-4 seriously long flights with an
average amount of talking.

Instead of this mentioned ear piece I prefer to use an additional pretty
affordable (20-30 Euro) wireless Bluetooth helmet set of speakers and
microphone, which is very easy to install into any sort of helmet by using the
Velcro pads which come together in the package. The microphone has noise
reduction function and the speaker are surprisingly strong, you will probably
need to slightly tune down your usual radio volume.

This set again has its own long lasting battery that will definitely get you
over 2-3 big flights. The cables of it don't seem to be very thick and sturdy
but so far I haven't had problems and nothing got broken. However, since it
doesn't cost very much, I have a backup second set in the harness which will
take 1 minute to install in case I need it.
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