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Explaining the USHPA governance proposal, part 6

James Bradley <<jb183>>

The most interesting effort I know of to invent a new future for
hang gliding has been the group led by Bruce Weaver and Matt Tabor at the 2018
spring meeting. I was part of this meeting at Bruce’s invitation and I came away
with a lot more optimism for the future of hang gliding. Yet this wasn’t a board
effort, it wasn’t even a committee effort. It was a small group of interested
people, and it happened the day before other meetings even started.

If Bruce had brought this up to the current board, there would have been a long
and interesting discussion of every possible option that could be tried or has
been tried or wouldn’t work, leading to a suggestion that somebody should do
something, and oh look, it’s time to go to the awards dinner. The big board
would have protected USHPA against something rash happening, which is often
touted as its great advantage. It would likely have protected against anything
happening at all. This isn’t how difficult problems get solved. Bruce understood
this without saying it and tried something different, something innovative, that
has actually led to some small successes that don’t look just like the past.
More to come, I hope.

Guaranteeing no mistakes is actually a big mistake. We need a board that is
willing to try things that might fail.

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