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Dick Heckman on the USHPA Governance proposal

Richard Heckman <<hekdic>>

Many thanks for you and Matt for the input on this vote. We have
operated with our existing situation for over 44 years with no problem During
that time we have had 2 occasions where there were attempts to shift us to
including powered flight. In which the size of the existing BOD was instrumental
in maintaining our singular focus. Adding power would have reduced our
capability to manage the very different operational goals that those two
activities represent.

This proposal for a smaller BOD has been around for years and has always come
from a few that had a very different goal for the organization than the average
HG/PG pilot. With just 7 members of the BOD, only 4 individuals dedicated to a
particular issue can change the course of the whole Association. We all know
just how few votes actually elect our existing BOD members, it's probably less
than 30 in many areas. Our members have the rest of their lives to live beside
their sport. Having the whole membership vote for just 7 persons, most of whom
they have little experience with, that will have control of the Association is
very risky. Several years ago, we had a professional corporate lecturer give a
training session to us. After about the first hour of his pitch, he said that he
was going to have to redesign his pitch because of the extent of the discussions
that were created. We told him that because of the personal characteristics of
HG/PG pilots we all wanted our say but at least that guaranteed that all bases
were covered and our experience was that the results were good. He never
recommended a smaller BOD to us.

I have operated at the BOD level since 1974 with a few years of exceptions when
personal needs intervened. I have served as the regional director for Region 10,
as rep to the FAI and FAA, chaired several committees and served as president. I
have flown airplanes and gliders since 1951 and am still current. I have been
associated with several local non profit civic associations at the BOD level. Of
course the executive director and president of any group would like fewer folks
to answer to but that's a small advantage when the future of an association is
at risk. The cost of around $20,000 vs around $6000 per meeting in support of
meeting attendance for a corporation worth around $2 million is laughable.

As Boss Tweed, the political boss of New York many years ago said, "I don't need
to know who the candidate is, I only need to know who's on the Nominating
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