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Daniel's launch at the Canoa Open

Daniel writes:

Short version:

Overconfidence. Was trying to pull out a "Montecucco" takeoff run, from the top
of the ramp.

Long version:

The wind was "somehow" blowing light at the top, but was a fake wind. Actually
it was harder and I helped some fellow pilots to take off from below, next to
the cliff so they got into the clean air fast.

I started a "walking" takeoff and on third step the right wing got loaded with a
lot of energy, (gust), the left wing dropped as per the picture above, and I
accelerated the run but got lifted off the ground so no more foot contact to
build up more "turning energy."

Left wing hit a little bush and glider turned flat, so I flared hard. Entered
the trees with little ground speed, really soft, and then dropped within the
tree branches from four meters high until 1.5 meters above ground. Glider never
touched the ground, nor did I.

Three friends helped me get the glider out of the trees and up again into the
takeoff. A quick look at the glider bones and everything was smooth except for
two small one inch holes in the undersurface. Took off 10 minutes after Raul was
coming into goal, and made a really fast run to get at least distance score for
the day.
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