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Comparing the two trackers

The spotX can provide a track point up to every 2.5 minutes (with
the more expensive plan). The Flymaster tracker updates every two seconds. So
for those of you watching an event or a pilot fly, live tracking is much more
interesting with the Flymaster tracker.

The spotX doesn't have to worry about the reliability of the cellular network to
get your current location. The Flymaster tracker needs a network (or set of
cellular networks) that can reliably be connected to while high above the
cellular towers if you want actual live tracking while flying.

Both can make good connections if you are on the ground (the tracker if you are
in a cellular coverage area).

The spotX works in the back country away from cellular coverage areas.

The spot2 (which I have), at least, doesn't provide altitude information.

You can see the respective costs above.

See how they are doing now here:

We await another test of the Flymaster 3G trackers (and cellular network) with
pilots flying cross country from Cowboy Up in Wharton, Texas: and at the Flymaster site above.

And the Canadian Nationals: and at the Flymaster site

The tracks from spots and the tracker can both be displayed on the
Airtribune web site.
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