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Digifly Pitot Tube

Pitot Tube Option for Paragliders

Great news for all paraglider pilots who, until now, did not have the
opportunity of enjoying the big advantages of using a Pitot Tube System when
flying! Thanks to the modern and special pressure sensors used by Digifly and
included in the AIR BT PITOT instruments, it is finally possible also for
paraglider pilots to take advantage of the different possibilities provided when
using a Pitot Tube.

The widespread idea that it was not possible, in the past, to use a Pitot Tube
System on a paraglider, comes from the fact that the previous generation sensors
did not have the necessary sensitivity to low speeds needed, therefore, it was
not possible to use this system on a relatively slow wing like a paraglider
rendering any information provided by a Pitot Tube totally unreliable for
paraglider pilots.

The new sensors used by Digifly are, on the contrary, extremely sensitive and
accurate even at very low speeds (they pick up readings at 5kmh / 3mph and are
accurate to the tenth of a km/h). For this reason, as well as thanks to a set of
specific “autotuning” algorithms developed by Digifly, the Pitot Tube does not
require any specific or out of the ordinary way of placing it on your wing,
regarding the airflow, hence making our Pitot Tube system perfect also to use on
a paragliding harness.

Having a Pitot Tube System provides notorious advantages compared to any
instrument that does not offer this feature; the one we consider the most
important one is the possibility of working with the Speed to Fly function,
which, for a relatively less efficient wing as a paraglider is of extreme
importance ! In fact, it allows you to know –at any given moment– the exact
indication of the optimal speed to fly in the diverse aerological situations, as
to fly safely and with the best possible performance!

The following is the complete list of all the features you will be able to enjoy
when you start flying with your Digifly AIR BT PITOT :

- Airspeed (IAS/TAS)

- Speed to Fly

- Speed Difference This feature shows you what is the headwind component at any
given time, without needing to make a 360° turn. This feature is remarkably
useful during landing approach, especially when you are flying low and cannot
really afford to throw in an extra 360° to understand what the wind direction
is. With your Digifly AIR BT PITOT, all you need to do is take a look at your
“Speed Difference” reading on your display to immediately know whether you are
flying with head or tailwind, therefore, allowing you to correctly set up your
landing direction.

- Pitot Tube Assisted Wind Meter The Pitot Tube allows for your wind speed and
direction information to be faster and more precise.

- Vario Function with Total Energy Compensation (TEC) Being able to have the
Total Energy Compensation feature, enables your Digifly to clearly distiguish
whether you are climbing because you are in a real thermal or if you are
climbing due to a change in your speed. This means that hearing a thermal beep
just when you change your speed is gone; there is no more information about “
false” thermals.

- Stall Alarm

- McCready and Equivalent McCready Functions

- Netto Vario

- Polar

You will find further details in our Digifly AIR BT PITOT Owner’s Manual that
you can find and download from our website
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