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2018 Green Swamp Sort Klassic

The GSSK is a mentored Sport Class competition. One of our mentors is Mitch
Shipley. You can find out more about him here: In addition to being USHPA Accident Review
Committee Hang Gliding Co-Chair, he is the Secretary for CIVL, our international
free flying organization at the FAI.

Mitch teaches hang gliding with his battery powered towing system and he will be
available for landing clinics during the mornings of the competition and perhaps
just before the competition. We'll come up with more details before the
competition. The landings clinics are great fun and you'll get lots of feedback
and lots of practice. Taking videos really helps.

We also have Steve Kroop, who is Flytec USA, coming on Saturday night, the night
before the competition flights start, to give a seminar on using varios for
competition flying. He will be assisted by Mitch and Larry Bunner dividing up
the pilots into groups with similar issues.

We also expect that mentors will be giving presentations each evening going over
the flying for each day and answering pilot questions. Mitch is excited to talk
about how to stay in the air, how to find thermals and how to not lose or find
again the thermal you were in. Landing theory, of course

If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can make this an excellent
learning opportunity, contact Davis at <davis>.
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