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Aeros acclamation

John Simon writes:

This is what I've been trying to tell everyone, Magic! Only 16% of
the gliders at the meet were Aeros and they were 40% of the top ten… 40% of the
top 30. I have been telling everyone my glider was magic, and compared to others
I've flown it really is, but then it's been some time since I've flown a
different one. While I've not flown a Laminar, RX or a new T2C and they are
certainly competitive, it appeared somewhat clear at the least to me at the
worlds that the combats had an edge. Many other foreign pilots noted the same
non scientific observation of the flying in Brasilia this year.

I was an average scoring pilot prior to buying my new 12.7C… and immediately I
was competitive (never really close before). In fact, I was shocked to find out
I made the US team, that's how many years I was average and never really had a
thought I'd be in the top 6 US pilots. Not that I dominate in any way, just that
it was a huge improvement in handling with incredible climb and glide, making it
almost easy to hang with the big dogs on many days. In the past, I'd just get
small bits of time flying with them before I was left behind.

All this is not even the good part. I did not get the glider in order to have
absolute top performance, as noted above I never thought I'd do well enough to
fly with the best as I figured I just didn't fly enough. So having absolute top
performance was NOT the reason I got the glider (although it does, obviously). I
got it because I could fly a MUCH smaller glider at the same weight and not give
up any climb and maybe even gain some on glide. Why did I want a smaller glider?
I was tired of wrestling my glider in rough conditions, wanted more control for
more safety and more confidence. The glider delivers in spades… my old glider
was 15m^2 my new one is 12.7m^2! The extra control authority gives me a warm
fuzzy feeling, making my flying care free and worry free. Confidence in the air
allows me to  really enjoy the flight a lot more as I'm not worried about
turbulence or weather on approach nearly as much as I would have been in the
past. I feel safer and am safer in the smaller glider due to increased control
authority. And no… it does not land and takeoff faster due to this.

Further, having the tail gives me great peace of mind in super nasty stuff.
Really cannot see buying a different glider. The peace of mind and enjoyment are
off the scale, and it turns out the performance is too! Plus it's quite light
for a topless. I also think it sets up and takes down faster, (no foolish curvy
tips) but that's just me.

There are certainly many other great gliders out there with outstanding
performance and we are all lucky to have choices. Each manufacturer's glider
flies a bit differently, and has it's own "flavor". My choice was easy: smaller
= more safety = more enjoyment = more flying = more smiling. More than top level
performance to boot? Wow… Yes I really am still wowed by my glider even after 2
seasons flying it now. I get nothing for plugging this machine, (so far!) But
really do it because it's what I believe and feel and want others to experience
these benefits.

Felix Cantesanu writes:

My thoughts exactly! I've been singing its praises for the last
couple of years I've been flying the Combat; it's been a joy, and in competition
I have done better than a pilot with my experience should. It's a beautiful
machine, it flies clearly easier than any other topless I've been on (I did fly
a couple of the new ones from other manufacturers) and feeling safer is
priceless. I am now waiting on a new harness from Aeros that apparently is
lighter than any they've made so far (and they made good stuff before) as well
as tested in the Antonov factory wind tunnel for best aerodynamic shape
possible. Can't wait to get it.

Kudos to Aeros - they are thinking progressively and it shows.
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