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How John Simon won

It all took shape by the second turnpoint.

Simon is near the top of the lead gaggle and a small distance in front with Zac
charging out in front by about half a kilometer and 600'+ lower.

Simon arrives at the second turnpoint with everyone else just a little bit lower
and behind a couple of hundred meters. Zac is still about half a kilometer
further east.

Simon finds better lift earlier and climbs faster than anyone else.

Simon goes on glide higher than anyone else from turnpoint 2 and although no one
knows it yet the race is essentially over. Zac is out in front and much lower.

The lead gaggle forms up again but Simon is 1,200' higher. He goes off with Zac
who is 1,000'+ below him.

Zac and Simon are about 300 meters in front of the lead gaggle.

Zac has dropped significantly down relative to Simon by the third and last
turnpoint and will be the first to land. Simon gets the last turnpoint 600'+
higher than the rest of the lead gaggle and only Bruce and Kevin Carter will be
able to make it in from this group. Kevin Dutt will land just short.

Ten kilometers behind I will find a thermal at 800' and climb up to 1,200' AGL
when James Stinnett comes in under me at 400'. We will climb to over 5,000' and
make it into goal easily as most of the lead gaggle lands out.

They will all be caught by the east sea breeze off Lake Michigan. James and I
will glide in above it with a strong tail wind.
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