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Ventura Ranch continued

She had a pleasant conversation with him but he was not so happy
about me stealing their truck. Although he did say it was pretty ballsy (which,
btw, is defined as tough and courageous).  We do have his cell number if we
need to extract anyone.

Actually it is pretty easy to avoid the Ventura Ranch if the wind isn't too
east. Just stay a bit further east nearer to I75 and you'll have access if you
land south of Marion Oaks.

He did recommend calling the sheriff to have them get a hold of the land owner
or the manager and have them open the automatic gate for us. I recommend to
pilots to always call the sheriff if there is a problem, but it escaped my
attention as I am usually thinking of calling when confronted with an angry land

Actually what we should have done if I had realized what kind of locked gate it
was (not padlocked but automatic) was have Heather walk up to the houses not
that far behind the gate and ask to be let in to retrieve us. Sometimes you
don't get the whole picture over the phone.
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