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01.01.1970, The Oz Report
James Bradley <<email>> writes:
A bald eagle raised in captivity goes for his first mountain flight in France. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Michael Robertson at High Perspective Inc <<email>> writes:
We're entering our 40th year teaching and have had an excellent year. Here new students are not rare, thankfully:) I'm always looking for footage for teaching ridge soaring 'cuz we're so bereft here in the flat lands.
I happened to look at the YouTube opening today's Oz... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Fred Kaemerer <<email>> sends a copy of this email from YouTube:
Your video "2006 Colorado Fall Hang Gliding to Sammy Hagar" has been identified by YouTube's Content Identification program as containing copyrighted content which UMG claims is theirs.

Your video "2006 Colorado... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The news story and pictures here. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The GFS forecast on XCskies is for twenty six knots due north at 4000' (launch level) and thrity five knots at 8,000' at 2 PM. The readings on the hill show forty two km/h gusts. The organizers tell the team leaders to come back at 10 AM for a rebriefing based on the latest weather forecast.... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Requires Apple Quicktime.
Go here for alternates for Quicktime here: .
This is a fantastic video. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Jeff O'Brien <<email>> writes:
Last weekend, "Dangerous" Dave Gibson was out flying his new cocoon harness made by Mitch McAleer. Mitch has done a handful of custom cocoon harnesses and Dave's looks great.
For more detailed photos of the harness under construction:... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The challenge is now always out there. The impossible distance, 283 miles (455 km) from Quest Air to almost South Carolina (would have been South Carolina if Chris Smith hadn't had it with driving). The big flight from Jonny and Dustin.
The forecast called for southeast winds in central... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... Bigger arrows. ...

Steve Kroop at Flytec USA writes
I have been discussing the size of the user field and compass with the Engineers at Flytec. They understand and are in full agreement. It was never their intent to do away with the four... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... A very cool design ...
The new carbon speedbar will fit all gliders fitted with Slipstream or Slipstream 2 control bars (Talons, T2's). A Litestream compatible version will be available in the Spring of 2008. Features of the new carbon speedbar include a re-designed shape, with a deep... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... More of paradise ...
The Alpes Maritimes (06), in the South East of France, have long been a Mecca for hang-gliding and paragliding with their warm dry climate and three hundred sunny days a year. Nestling almost undiscovered, near the spectacular Verdon Gorge, the area offers a vast range of outdoor... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... From your photos ...
Sander van Schaik [SvS-Design] <> writes:
The Hang Glider A3 Calendar of 2008 is ready for ordering via a complete new website The calendar... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... Dark, windy, rainy, low cloud base, we fly. ...

The latest scores will be up at:
It seemed as though only Scott and I had a good attitude about the day. We were always willing to give it a chance. The sky was full of low clouds with a cloud base at about 2,000' AGL (the ground level is 1,500'... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... The GPS for your driver ...

Mark Dowsett <> writes:
TomTom is starting a great promo on their Car GPS Navigation for over the holidays - $100 off all their units. I got to play with TomToms and Garmin Nuvi's over the past year at some... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... It rained hard yesterday again (Thursday - Australian date) ...

The latest scores will be up at:
After lots of rain on day five, as well as plenty of rain on the night between day four and day five, the sky clouded up soon after sunrise and covered the sky with a low cloud base (just what... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... The TV video ...
Ryan Voight <> writes:
A news story about hang gliding at Ellenville that the local cable company did over the summer.Discuss Ellenville at the Oz Report forum
 ... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... I guess the choices are reduced a bit. ...
On November 8, ski area operator Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Inc., which operates the Nakiska and Lake Louise ski areas in Alberta, the Fernie and Kimberley ski areas in British Columbia and the Mont Sainte-Anne and Stoneham ski areas in Quebec, announced it was... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... After a night of hard rain ...

The central table lands of New South Wales west of the Great Divide are bathed in purple, the flowering of Patterson's Curse. It's a noxious weed as far as the grazers are concerned but to those of us touring through the country side it is a beautiful sight. I presume that those purple paddocks are those... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... A little ridge running ...   lyrics »« hide lyrics
RIDGERUNNER© 1988 Fly-By-Night Music (Ed Kilbourne)
Ridge runners, ridge runners, down on the trees,Four fully loaded gliders in a 20 knot breeze.Belts across your bodies, maps across your knees,Pennsylvania through Virginia... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

... Just down the road from the take off. ...

Mark Taggart Mark. writes:
Some very cool young friends of mine have built this amazing house just down the road from take off here in St. Andre Les Alpes at a small wonderful Provence... mehr
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