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01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The 3D video reconstruction. Thanks to Krusty and the Scare.

The NY Times book review. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The EC dealt with the request to reimburse me (I'm not the only
one) for their error in stating the dates of the BOD meeting on their web site.
You might remember the original story:
Well, of course, the USHPA wasn't going to come up with the money to pay off
this thorn in their side just to come to another USHPA... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
38.847773848549,-104.84527260661,USHPA headquarters, Colorado
Springs, CO, USA
Mike Haley has asked the USHPA BOD a number of questions about the
USHPA Competition Program. I'm going to look at those questions and make a few
comments about them.
You can find the documents
here, if you are a USHPA members (and frankly, who else would care?).... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Given the rules promulgated on the pre-Worlds site it is not very likely that
all thirteen US pilots (nor all twenty Russian pilots) will be allocated spots
at the 2010 pre-Worlds by the organizers of the 2011 Worlds.
See the rules here:
Current US WPRS ranking is found
here. This may... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
33° 0'50.24"S, 151°42'6.71"E,Airborne factory, Redhead, NSW,
here. mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
What this means is that the Baby HPP (BBHPP) is now the highest
performing Open Class wing in existence, with an incredible advantage over the
highest performance Open Class wings in the world, with a glide ratio of 1.7
better than... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Erick Vils <erick> writes:
From Quixadá, Ceara, Brazil, flying to west (Amazon Forest Region) Kamira Rodrigues, flying a the Brazilian "Sol Paraglider" 323 km, Date: 8/nov 2009
Track log on Spot online
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
All the pilots here had a presentation today at our hotel to give
$2,900 from monies received from pilots around the world to the English school.
The money will go toward building a classroom (the total required for one
classroom is $6,000) and paying the yearly salary for one teacher ($3,000).
Obviously we haven't collected enough to pay... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

The article.
A 6-year-old boy climbed into a small homemade aircraft -- a
balloon resembling a flying saucer -- and floated thousands of feet (meters)
into the air in Colorado on Thursday, local media said.
The newspaper said that the aircraft was last spotted flying over nearby Weld
County and that authorities were working with the U.S.... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

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On-line here.

I, the undersigned USHPA member, have lost confidence in the ability of the current USHPA leadership to competently and fairly manage the National Team Selection System (NTSS). I respectfully request that the competition committee chairman... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
corinna schwiegershausen <<corinna>> writes:
Christian Maurer won the Red Bull X-Alps in an amazing 8 days, he flew 73 % of the 818 km from Dachstein in Austria to Monaco. Last years winner Alex Hofer, also Swiss like Christian, is about to finish right now, two days after Chrigel. You can have a look at their life tracks here:... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report

Gary Osoba
Flytec USA/David Glover
Oz Report twitter
BJ Herring blog
WRE500 blog
Gary takes this picture of a launch of a Wills Wing U2 160 here at Zapata a few days ago:

On Monday it was again blue in the morning with 17 mph winds out of the south southeast (the dry direction). Gary searched out lift and found not that much. BJ took off just... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
From the President's report (Lisa Tate, King Mountain meet organizer) Fall 2008 USHPA BOD meeting:
Tie in external marketing with events to foster corporate partnerships and PR.
Let's see, no web page activity. No blogs, few reports on forums. Where exactly was the marketing program and the awareness building... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Jonny's blog.
Results (from Jonny, as they weren't up yet):
942Gerolf 941Carl Walbank1:33 928Manfred Trimel1:42 914Zin Gianpietro 901Roberto Nichele 894Ako 892Primoz 888Jonny 872Martin Harri 819Franz Herman10th mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
The 2008 pre-Worlds:#NameNatGliderTotal10Jeff O'BrienUSAWills Wing T2 154288317Davis StraubUSAWills Wing T2 - 144262321Gordon RiggGBRMoyes Litespeed S4249223Attila BertokHUNMoyes Litespeed 5242248Jeff ShapiroUSAWills Wing T2 144195551Zac MajorsUSAWills Wing T2C 144191688Derreck TurnerUSAMoyes Litespeed S51231
I built a lot of expectation into my... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
As forecast three days in advance by GFS/XCSkies the first official practice day of the 17th World Championships is blown out. Steve Blenkinsop has had nine days in a row of flying here.
It looks like this day and the next two are also blown out, so we will miss the first day of the competition. I don't have good wind forecasts further than... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Guido Picca <> writes:
When you release, first stop the engine, then you release the protect-nose-rope and then release the flying dolly.
Yes, no propeller yet, but it has a weight of 13 Kg in the nose. The next step is to put a Simonini Mini 4 engine (a 20 HP paramotor engine) in place of the weight.... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Looking out the 11th floor window of her law office, Jane Wiggins did a double take and grabbed her camera. The dark, undulating clouds hovering outside were unlike anything she'd seen before.
"It looked like Armageddon," said Wiggins, a paralegal and amateur photographer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
Flip Koetsier CIVL President and CIVL Steward at the 2009 HG World Championship writes:
The CIVL Plenary has in February 2009 adopted a motion that has resulted in the Local Regulations addendum: “Sprog Measuring Proposal” .
The mandate from the plenary for the Pitch Stability Working Group and the Organizer of the Hang Gliding World... mehr
01.01.1970, The Oz Report
A pilot thinks about what he did wrong when he came in for a landing. He completely illustrates it. mehr
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