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17.08.2006, Entflogen
Am 10. September findet in Köln der 6te Red Bull Flugtag statt. Alle die das Event noch nicht kennen können sich bei Reuters UK ein Video vom Flugtag in Prag (Tschechien ) angucken. Teilnahmebedingungen und weitere Infos findet Ihr auf der Red Bull Flugtag Website. mehr
17.08.2006, The Oz Report

A better link for the discussion about whether a new DVD can be produced.
Thanks to Doug Lawton. mehr
17.08.2006, The Oz Report was wrong. Robin, as I reported earlier (,
went 447 miles, (719 km), less than Manfred's 480 miles (772 km). mehr
17.08.2006, The Oz Report
John Reynoldson <>
Sportavia closes its doors permanently after originally announcing
last March that it was moving to seasonal operations and shedding most staff
over winter.... mehr
17.08.2006, The Oz Report
Videos of
Flugtag and the battery powered plane
here. mehr
17.08.2006, The Oz Report
Billo writes:
Here's a tracklog from Alby Daniel's flight from Gulgong to
Carmel's paddock, made on the day after the 2004 comp:
Tex sends the waypoint for the field: mehr
17.08.2006, The Oz Report
Obesity & Starvation
(Windows: right-click and choose "Save Target As." Mac: hold Ctrl, click link,
and choose "Save As.")
Forum assesses a recent hypothesis on obesity, and how sugar... mehr
17.08.2006, News
From Shore to Shore, Tour des Pyrenäen

Nach genau 11 Tagen konnten Urs Lötscher und Stefan Bocks nach grandiosen Flügen entlang der Pyrenäen das Mittelmeer erreichen. Gestartet sind die beiden zu Fuss am 30.Juli von der baskischen Hafenstadt Saint Jean de Luz an der Atlantikküste und landeten glücklich am 9.August, begleitet vom heftigen... mehr
16.08.2006, Entflogen
Im Rahmen des Red Bull Vertigo findet dieses Jahr jeweils an den Wochenenden ( 18-19 und 25-26 August) das Red Air Festival statt. Die Headliner sind einige Schweizerbands wie Batlik, Patatas Chipas Club, Namusoke & C-Breeze, The Toxic Guineapigs sowie einige DJs…
Mir persönlich sagen besonders die The Toxic Guineapigs zu, sie werden... mehr
16.08.2006, The Oz Report
Up early Friday morning July 22, we're off to Airventure 2006 at
Oshkosh. This will be our first visit to an aviation Mecca that only happens in
the good ol' U S of A Our route out pretty much follows I-80 except that we are
still far south of it here as we approach South Lake Tahoe. mehr
16.08.2006, The Oz Report

The article.
The exact route for the cross-Texas corridor has not yet been
drawn up, though it will probably be somewhere within a 10-mile-wide swath
running parallel to Interstate 35. Whatever course it takes, it is clear many
farmers and property owners will lose their land, though they will be
compensated by the state. Construction could... mehr
16.08.2006, The Oz Report
I wasn't the only one to have a great time here at Big Spring this
year. Yes, compared to the last four years the weather was a little iffy, with
cu-nimbs in the area, but we had some great flying.
The first two tasks were to an agricultural air strip at Brownfield, seventy six
miles, and in retrospect the tasks were way too short given the... mehr
15.08.2006, Entflogen
In der DHV Wettbewerbs-Szene der Drachenflieger finden sich einige neue Berichte: Jörg Bajewski und Heiko Tandeter berichten von der Vor-WM aus Texas mit einem Monster Task über 356 km !! André Djamarani schreibt über die Dutch Open am Monte Cucco bei der er sich nach Balasz Ulhelzi und vor Roland Wöhrle den zweiten Platz [...] mehr
15.08.2006, The Oz Report
Just what you need to power your electric car.
We talk with LESTER BROWN, author of the new book Plan B 2.0:
Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble. Brown says the
world is too much too quick, and the only solution is adopting an
environmentally friendly sustainable economy.... mehr
15.08.2006, The Oz Report
FAI reports:
Type of record : Out-and-return distance
Course/location : Soriska Planina (Slovenia)
Performance : 259 km
Pilot : Aljaz VALIC (Slovenia)
Paraglider : Mac Para Magus
Date: 20.07.2006
Awaiting files : 227.9 km (19.07.2006 - Gasper PERVC, Slovenia)
240 km (20.07.2006 - Marko NOVAK, Slovenia)
228 km (20.07.2006 - Alessandro PERUZZI,... mehr
15.08.2006, The Oz Report
Thanks to James Stinnett. mehr
15.08.2006, The Oz Report
article on self guided paragliders. Thanks to Liam Ford. mehr
15.08.2006, The Oz Report
FAI sends:
Type of record : Straight distance to a declared goal
Course/location : Zapata, TX (USA)
Performance : 567.5 km
Pilot : Robin HAMILTON (UK)
Swift Light
Date: 29.07.2006
Current record : 354.6 km (28.07.2001 - David GLOVER, USA)
Type of record : Straight distance
Course/location : Zapata, TX (USA)
Performance : 827.84 km
Pilot : Robin... mehr
15.08.2006, The Oz Report
Google Earth view
Thanks to Gerry. mehr
15.08.2006, The Oz Report
article on an eighty two year old hang glider pilot. Thanks to Ultrasport. mehr
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