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29.08.2006, The Oz Report
29.08.2006, The Oz Report
29.08.2006, The Oz Report
29.08.2006, The Oz Report
The results appear here:
The local pilots on the task committee went big today with a task to the north
northeast north of Challis. The wind forecast was for a little more wind than on
the first day (the winds were light on that day) and it was predicted to come
from the south instead of the... mehr
29.08.2006, The Oz Report
The 2006 venue is to be St Andre Les Alpes, Haute Provence, France
and the competition headquarters (i.e. scoring) will be in the village hall.
Registration (inscription) will be on 26th August and tasks will be run (weather... mehr
29.08.2006, The Oz Report
Bart Doets <bart.>
sends the actual Google Earth place marker for the Altes Lager air field where
the German Open was held: mehr
29.08.2006, The Oz Report
Dan Shell writes:
The Tennessee Tree Toppers 2006 Team Challenge is October 1-8 in
the beautiful Sequatchie Valley. The Team Challenge
information and
pages on the TTT
website have been updated, so check it out and sign up for some friendly
cross-country competition in "The Hang Gliding Capital of the East."
29.08.2006, The Oz Report
Larry Bunner writes:
When you can’t fly, the second best activity is to read about
others flying exploits. While all my friends were down in Big Spring I was here
in Pennsylvania living vicariously through the Oz Report, and a number of blogs
(“Skyout” and “Life, Work and Hang Gliding” being two of my favorites). It is
somewhat painful to... mehr
29.08.2006, Entflogen
Via OZ-Report habe ich das folgende Video aus den guten alten Tagen gefunden. Viel Spass damit ! The good old days mehr
28.08.2006, Entflogen
Füssen/Buching - Ein amerikanischer Flugschüler wurde am Freitag Opfer einer Windböe. Er blieb in einem Baum hängen. Die Bergwacht befreite ihn aus seiner misslichen Lage. Er blieb bei dem Flugunfall unverletzt.
Mehr bei mehr
28.08.2006, Entflogen
Wie schon im letzten Jahr zeichnete sich die diesjährige Junior Challenge nicht gerade durch übermäßig gutes Wetter aus. Und obwohl wir doppelt so viele Durchgänge fliegen konnten wie im Vorjahr (2) hatte der Sieger am Ende nur halb so viele Punkte. Aber beginnen wir am Anfang.

Samstag, 19.08.:
Nachts erreiche ich mit einigen der Jungs [...] mehr
28.08.2006, The Oz Report
Len Szarfaryn writes:
Jimbo is lying here on my living room sofa in good spirits. The
doctors have prescribed a steady diet of ice bags and rest and predict a 100%
recovery. He was kind enough to bring a doggy bag of painkillers back to the
condo His landing under reserve was just hard enough for a slight fracture of
the T1 vertebrae. I'm... mehr
28.08.2006, The Oz Report
First the moments of startling clarity, ie. when something bad
happens. Sam Crocker threw his reserve while out on the course. He was
apparently okay. Jim Macklow experienced a frontal collapse while slope soaring,
and hit hard. He walked out, but is in the hospital with a back injury (to the
T1 vertebrae). Len Szafaryn is taking him home... mehr
28.08.2006, The Oz Report
Andreas sends this photo:
Takeoff area on a 48m wide an 2625m long concrete runway:

Some of what Corrinna wrote in her blog (thanks to Dave):
After two race to goal flights away from the launch area the
strong west wind quit finally and permitted a closed course task on Thursday and
Friday. The tasks were both , 77 km triangles with start and... mehr
28.08.2006, The Oz Report
Aaron Swepston writes:
The Vertigo organizers accepted registrations well after their
published deadline, so while it was a concern about the registrations not being
sent or confirmed by the closing date, it turned out to not be a problem. The
organizers wanted to have a good meet, a good show, and were very accommodating
in that regard.
Our... mehr
28.08.2006, The Oz Report
1 GRICAR, Primoz (Aeros) Aeros - Phanthom SVN 2874
2 GRABOWSKI, Tim Air - Atos VR DEU  2533
3 MÜGLICH, Dieter Air - Atos VX DEU 2465
1 HERTLING, Steffen  Icaro - Laminar DEU 2912
2 KIEFLINGER, Hans Aeros - Combat L DEU 2901
3 BADER, Lukas Moyes - Litespeed S4 DEU 2593
4 BARTHELMES, Oliver Moyes - Litespeed S4 DEU 2552... mehr
28.08.2006, The Oz Report
As I am the meet director for this meet I'll be reporting on them.
It's great to be back in my home state and in beautiful Ketchum, Idaho at the
base of Mount Baldy.
The pilot will be taking off from 9,000' on the south facing launch. Today the
conditions were very light wind wise with an unusual northeast wind. Should be
light north... mehr
28.08.2006, The Oz Report

The news video. Thanks to Jeff O'Brien. mehr
28.08.2006, The Oz Report

1. Jon Gjerde NOR (393.47)
2. Guido Gehrmann GER (390.82)
3. John Heiney USA (378.98)
Apparently Aaron Swepston couldn't get his glider on the British Airways
airplane because of the recent arrest of terrorists planning to blow up US bound
airplanes from Britain. mehr
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