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18.09.2006, The Oz Report
The snows have come to the Rockies early damping down the fires
that for months have had their merry time throughout the dry and pine beetle
edible west. Yesterday, while it was raining hard in Jackson as I, protected
against the elements with tights and my flying clothes, bicycled around
the town, the hills were turning from a light brown... mehr
18.09.2006, The Oz Report
One big layer. Multiple layers start to peel at the edges after a
while. Do it in one big pour, full strength unthinned, try to get at least 3/16
inch or you'll be redoing it soon.
Spread initially with a card just to get it in the right area then work it with
your fingers. Keep 'em wet. Move the... mehr
18.09.2006, The Oz Report
Bjørn T. Hammer <>
Do not doubt that Aeros is a serious and safe (and good)
manufacturer, and that the problems with the early back plates were fixed as
soon as it was practically possible. Still, those of us who were affected here
in... mehr
18.09.2006, The Oz Report
Steve Daleo <>
Some of the very early Vipers did have an issue with cracking of
the back plate. That issue was corrected long ago and should not be a problem
with anything being produced recently.
Aeros is extremely... mehr
18.09.2006, The Oz Report
Troili, Eric eric.
I've been training for over a year to complete the Furnace Creek
508 in 2007 (508 non-stop miles in Death Valley with over 35,000 ft of elevation
gain with a 48 hr time limit):
As a preview for... mehr
18.09.2006, The Oz Report
Lookout Mountain Flight Park is celebrating thirty years of
fantastic flying with three glorious days of flying and partying. The fly-in
will be October 26th through October 28th. Fly above beautiful fall foliage
during the day,... mehr
18.09.2006, The Oz Report
Gary Solomon <> writes:
I don't know about you, but so many times when I tell people I
hang glide, they ask me if I bungee jump as well. Or mention that they have. I
try to explain to people that hang... mehr
18.09.2006, The Oz Report
Jim Rooney <>
Your trike and dragonfly time is worthless. By 2008, get your
private pilot's license and  N number your tugs and by 2010, a towing
exemption controversy.
I went to Zach, because he's the local Zen master when... mehr
18.09.2006, The Oz Report
I'm remembering seeing a harness a year ago at Big Spring that had
a solid SMOOTH boot made from Shoe Goo. And I was wondering, how did this pilot
do this with Shoe Goo? Did he slice open the top of the tube?
If you know how to do this, or are that pilot, write in and tell us how. mehr
17.09.2006, Entflogen
Vom 21- 24.09.2006 findet wieder der Coupe Icare in der Nähe der französischen Stadt Grenoble statt : das größte Familienfest des Freien Flugs auf der Welt. Wir sagen Ihnen, warum es sich lohnt, dort hinzufahren, und wie Sie am besten die Festtage genießen.
Den kompletten Artikel findet Ihr beim mehr
16.09.2006, Entflogen
Ein 32-jähriger Hausmeister aus Hirschegg ist am Sonntag bei einem Gleitschirmabsturz ums Leben gekommen. Er startete gegen 18.30 Uhr von der Fiderepasshütte in Mittelberg im Kleinwalsertal.
Den kompletten Pressebericht findet Ihr bei Vorarlberg Online mehr
15.09.2006, Entflogen
Die Aviatikverbände können zur geplanten Ausdehnung des kontrollierten Luftraums über dem Flughafen Basel-Mülhausen Stellung nehmen. Grund für die Befragung ist ein neues Anflugverfahren auf die Südpiste 34 im Herbst 2007
Den kompletten Pressebericht findet Ihr bei
15.09.2006, The Oz Report
We'll have more news about the new world of towing soon. mehr
15.09.2006, The Oz Report
When we drove back from Alpine the other day the highway was filled with
bicyclists and it turned out it was the longest USCF sanctioned one day race in
the US - 206 miles. It was won by a guy who just signed up, and wasn't a regular
bike racer, at something over nine hours. There were a... mehr
15.09.2006, The Oz Report
NASA scientists notice that the Artic polar ice caps have
retreated in winter for the last two years: 
While the summer melting could be a result of a number of
phenomena like the flow of warm water, the scientists said, the reduction of
winter ice two seasons in a row is... mehr
15.09.2006, The Oz Report
David Glover sends this URL: mehr
15.09.2006, The Oz Report
I have been told by an informed hang gliding business owner that:
As we all know, Dragonfly tug pilots will be required to have private pilot's
licenses by 2008 in order to tow hang glider pilots. By 2010 they will required
to have a towing exemption in addition.
None of your hours in a trike or a Dragonfly count for your private pilot's... mehr
15.09.2006, The Oz Report
Bay Area pilots and those attending the October USHPA BOD meeting
will get together for dinner on October 7th at Crowne Plaza Hotel near the San
Francisco International Airport, 1177 Airport Blvd. Burlingame, CA. See:
Educational events:
Guest Speaker Dr. Jack of Blipmap fame!... mehr
14.09.2006, News
Die Flugschule Parafly feiert am Samstag 30. September ihre 20 Jahrfeier.
Parafly feiert dem Anlass entsprechend und es sind einige überraschende Highlights zu erwarten.
Das Programm steht unter dem Motto: Oldtimer fliegen und fahren im Stil der 80er...

Geboten wird Freibier für alle Funflieger, Oldtimer für jedermann, eine Fallschirmspringer... mehr
14.09.2006, The Oz Report
Bart and Tiki from Cowboy Up (
were towing out at Alpine again today, but the first tandem passengers were
Bart's dad and older sister from Holland. THen it was Belinda's turn, but Bart
felt that it was now too rough for a tandem flight.
I was ready to go in the Wills Wing Falcon 3 - 170, but the west on the ground
had... mehr
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