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01.08.2006, Entflogen
Seit gestern fliegen Drachenflieger in Altes Lager um die Nord- und Ostdeutschemeisterschaft. Den ersten Durchgang, ein 56 km Zielflug nach Alteno, konnte Lukas Bader gefolgt von Konrad Lüders und Falko Krüger für sich entscheiden.
Heute wurde ein 57 km FAI Dreieck ausgeschrieben, bis zur Stunde gibt es leider noch keine Ergebnisse. Bilder... mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
Dan D <>
Jon Wee and Owen Morse of The Passing Zone (
will be appearing on NBC's "America's Got Talent" on Wednesday night, August
2nd. They are both hang glider pilots who do a comedy and... mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
Robin Hamilton flew his Swift 447 miles landing in the Texas
Panhandle south of Lubbock at 7:30 PM when he got shaded out by over development
on the dry line that was near the western Texas border with New Mexico. He was
not able to make 500 miles and not able to break Manfred's 480 mile record.
Gary and Robin's driver were out of touch with... mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
Late in the afternoon, Gary was in the car with Karl, Robin's
driver, after landing 195 miles out in Barksdale. Robin was on a pace to go 500+
miles. There are clouds way up there.
Gary says that he over flew the conditions. mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
The flight on
HOLC and on
Google Maps/Earth.
The day started out blue after a few clouds before 5 AM. Then after sunrise a
light version of the over running began. The cu's were thin, barely more than
wisps, but they were there and providing the hope that we come here for.
Gary, realizing that if he is going to take a high tow, he had... mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
Check out the
NY Times article on men happily not at work:
Millions of men like Mr. Beggerow — men in the prime of their
lives, between 30 and 55 — have dropped out of regular work. They are turning
down jobs they think beneath them or are unable to find work for which they are
qualified, even as an expanding economy offers opportunities to... mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
Benjamin Cate
I'm trying to get some information on the death of a paraglider
near Chamonix in the French Alps. His name was Jean-Marc Koller and the accident
was July 23. I haven't had any luck using the traditional news sources etc. mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
Stein Edgar Strandli Http://
The 2006 version of the extreme sport video is now out on my
webpage and you can find it directly
here or select the video menu choice on The video is 19 minutes of pure hang gliding (54 Mb)
Enjoy :-)
I also made this picture of the raft landing Jon Gjerde did on the last... mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
Ron Gleason <>
There you will find the latest NTSS ranking.
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
Photos by Belinda Boulter. mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report
The 205 mile Falcon 3 170 world record flight on the
HOLC and
Google Maps/Earth.
The flight claim: mehr
01.08.2006, The Oz Report

The flight
Dara Hogan <dara.>
Australian Team Advance pilot, Enda Murphy, has just broken the
Irish paragliding distance open record with a flight of 140km on his Advance
prototype on 27th July. My son, Eoin, held the previous... mehr
31.07.2006, Entflogen
… wer hat die größte Drachen- und Gleitschirmfliegerwebsite im Internet ?
Nachdem der DHV sich im DHV Info 140 selbst zur weltweit größten Website für Gleitschirm- und Drachenflieger gekürt hat, wollten wir das ganze mal überprüfen.
Ob oder ob nicht, wer folgt auf den Rängen … erfahrt Ihr ab jetzt monatlich in unserem Drachen-und... mehr
31.07.2006, The Oz Report
Having missed the day before, Gary made an attempt on the day with
light winds and almost no over running. Even with a tow to 6,500', he was not
able to stay up as there was a strong inversion near Laredo and after a couple
of attempts to get through it he landed in plowed field near highway 359 on the
south east side of Laredo. mehr
31.07.2006, The Oz Report

Thursday flight on Google Maps/Earth.
Friday flight on Google Maps/Earth.
Pete had two long flights on Thursday and Friday. The one on Friday at 265 miles
approximately was his second longest flight ever.
On Thursday his average L/D was 44:1 with a wind at 22+ mph at 155 degrees. On
Friday his average L/D was 26:1 with the wind at 17 mph at... mehr
31.07.2006, The Oz Report
The 205 mile Falcon 3 170 world record flight on the
HOLC and
Google Maps/Earth.
The 350 mile Swift world record flight to declared goal on
Google Maps/Earth.
The over running started at 4:45 AM. Gary got up late to check it
out. The sky was black with low fast running cumulus clouds and it only got
blacker when the sun rose. It was old time... mehr
31.07.2006, The Oz Report
Robin Hamilton set the new Swift distance to goal record of 351
miles. I set the new single surface world record at 205 miles on Saturday. More
details to follow. I'm writing and sending this from the truck on the way back. mehr
31.07.2006, The Oz Report
Dave Prentice, towing out the Zapata IBC bank president's field
east of Zapata, went 246 miles, pretty much along the same course that Pete
Lehmann took west of highway 83 and east of Del Rio. This is the standard route
for paraglider flights here. Looks like he got stopped by the same high clouds
that convinced Pete to stop and come back. mehr
31.07.2006, The Oz Report
My little Falcon 3 record attempt on the
HOLC and
Google Maps/Earth
We've been watching the winds forecast for the last ten days and especially the
last three days as it came into the view of the NAM model. We've been jumping up
and down given how great it looks and today it came. Unfortunately, it also came
with a good chance of... mehr
31.07.2006, The Oz Report
The flight on the
HOLC and
Google Maps/Earth.
Gil Souviron <Gil.>
Yesterday, I broke the old European record for free fly distance
with a flight 535 Km from Caceres. This record was previously held by my brother
and I since 1994,... mehr
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