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16.12.2006, Entflogen
Der OBSESSION, der neue High-End 1-2er von U-Turn, hat in der Größe M vom DHV das Gütesiegel erhalten. Zum Bregenzerwald-Cup wird die Kappe in der Serienauslegung vorgestellt und für Tests zur Verfügung stehen. Die Gütesiegelprüfungen für die Größen S und L sind für die kommenden Tage terminiert, so das Wetter mitspielt.
Mit einer Streckung von... mehr
15.12.2006, Entflogen
Talula, 35 aus Monheim hat bei eine Kurzgeschichte über Gleitschirmfliegen, springen, Neuschwanstein … veröffentlicht. mehr
15.12.2006, The Oz Report
Heather <>
These photos (taken by a friend) might put the fire in perspective
a bit more for people - Mt. Beauty is on high alert tonight (Thursday) with a SW
change... mehr
15.12.2006, The Oz Report

Thanks to Joe Greblo for sending in this shot of a billboard near Sylmar. mehr
15.12.2006, The Oz Report
About that, there is no controversy. Nearly 200 new energy drinks
have hit store shelves since January, according to the market research firm
ACNielsen. Led by such brands as Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster, energy drinks
are a $3.7 billion industry whose revenues have... mehr
15.12.2006, The Oz Report
Richard rich.
Some of us at the Suffolk Hang Gliding Club (
have launched a small Christmas appeal. Please show your support by following
the link below. Be warned, only those of good health, sound mind, and... mehr
15.12.2006, The Oz Report
Operators are standing by. Steve Wendt <>
The April clinics sponsored by Wills Wing are free to the
participants, but they still should contact Rob Kells
I found this article very interesting. It is pertinent to all
pilots, but in particular it might resonate with anyone who learnt to fly a hang
glider on the sand dunes. mehr
14.12.2006, The Oz Report
Gordon Ross <> writes:
There are many great flying site around the Island of Lanzarote
including the famous Famara Ridge. There is also great flying to be had at Mala,
Mirador Del Rio, Macher... mehr
14.12.2006, The Oz Report
A reader writes:
The French government provides 220,000 euros, about $280,000 to
the federation for its competition program (which starts in high school, with
special sections for 16 and 18 years old kids). Mainly it pays for trainers,
medical staff and a survey. It doesn't pay for travel and accommodation and food
of the competition... mehr
14.12.2006, The Oz Report
Mike and Gail at MPH Sports <>
July 22- July 28, 2007 Seven days!
Black Cap, Sugar, Lakeview Oregon
Registration Starts: March 15, 2007
Registration Ends: July 22, 2007
130 pilots Max. All contestants must be... mehr
13.12.2006, The Oz Report
Simon Plint writes:
The cut-off date for a discounted entry fee is 20th Dec 06. If
pilots want to save $20 then go to
and pay your $120 entry fee. After this date it will be $140. mehr
13.12.2006, The Oz Report
The FAI sends:
Type of record : Straight distance to a declared goal
Course/location : Vosburg (South Africa) - Jamestown (South Africa)
Performance : 368.2 km
Pilot : Urban Valic (Slovenia) and Aliaz Valic
Paragliders : Mac Para Magus
Date: 07.12.2006
Current record : 353.4 km (26.09.2005 - André Luis GROSSO FLEURY, Brazil)
Type of record :... mehr
13.12.2006, The Oz Report
jon durand <>
No Big Jon did not better my 500kms on Saturday. The flying here
has been good, but still not excellent. Saturday was looking good with a 7:30 am
launch and clouds already to the horizon, however we had high cloud... mehr
13.12.2006, The Oz Report

LA Times investigation.
The worldwide sports anti-doping program, created to fight
performance enhancing drug use in international athletics, imposes severe
punishments for accidental or technical infractions, relies at times on disputed
scientific evidence and resists outside scrutiny, a Times investigation has
Elite athletes have... mehr
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